About us


Monoline Designs is the culmination of a creative journey that began during the peaceful moments of my newborn daughter's naps. Surrounded by the whirlwind of a bustling household, I found solace in the vision of a world where simplicity met vibrancy in perfect harmony.

For an entire year, this dream simmered within me, fueled by a deep desire to bring a unique blend of art and functionality to life. It was in the summer of 2023 that I decided to share this vision with the world by launching our website to the public.

At the heart of Monoline Designs lies a passion for crafting artful expressions through the elegant simplicity of single-line drawings. Our designs are a celebration of natural shapes, particularly those of animals, brought to life with the grace of a single stroke. These timeless creations find their canvas against backdrops of serene yet invigorating hues, embodying a captivating balance of calm and energy.

Each piece in our collection is not just an accessory; it's a manifestation of a colorful minimalist lifestyle. We invite you to explore our world where clean lines meet vibrant colors, and where the love for animals is intricately woven into every design. Monoline Designs is more than just a brand; it's a reflection of a dream, a journey, and a commitment to beauty in simplicity.